Me gusta la intensidad y el calorsito de otro cuerpo

soy una persona extrovertida,honesta y sincera, me encanta salir y compartir con buenos amigos, me considero una mujer con las metas claras y muy perseverante soy profesora diferencial …ademas trabajo como supervisora de logistica para entel empresas

entra aqui y me agregas amorenlinea/gabriela-valpo

***Besitos te espero***

How many American still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy? And you want those people to believe anything they would read here, if they even knew this site existed? And among those who are willing to believe it, how many are prepared to get in the face of the Armed Goverstate and its machine guns, cancer gas, LRADs, Raytheon OvenRays, etc? You can say you are to impress us all here on these threads, but are you really? The only difference this time, I’m not as brainwashed.